Singapore Yacht Show 2017
Projects/News Singapore Yacht Show 2017

Alcuni pezzi della collezione "Paradiso" sono stati utilizzati durante il Singapore Yacht Show 2017...

Singapore Design Week 2017
Projects/News Singapore Design Week 2017

I primi esemplari delle sedute innovative disegnate da Creativeans ( e da noi realizzati in...

Showroom a Singapore con Creativeans
Projects/News Showroom a Singapore con Creativeans

La collaborazione con Creativeans prosegue a Singapore con uno showroom dedicato alla collezione...

1977–2017, 40 years of true craftsmanship

After World War II, Fernando Ghimenton moves, at a young age, from Veneto to Brianza, which even then was an important industrial district for furniture. He directly starts to work as apprentice in an upholsterer's workshop, acquiring over the years, the manual and the technical knowledge of the work, both in the "traditional" way (using ancient techniques) and in the modern way (when the use of "sponge foam" began to take hold). In the 60's he is asked to work at FLEXFORM, which was then still a small company, but today has become a very important brand in the worldwide market of contemporary sofas. Shortly after, however, an entrepreneur in furniture from Cremona, proposes him to set up a company to manufacture directly their line of sofas. Thus is born VAGHIS in Soresina, province of Cremona, in Northern Italy. Within a few years VAGHIS reaches a production that even employs up to 17 workers with a good success on the local market. The general economic boom of the period in Italy leads also the VAGHIS production to become increasingly industrialized, with sofas made in series in order to keep up with the demands, neglecting the most creative and customized aspects of the work, which are typical of a craftsman upholsterer. So, in 1977, Fernando Ghimenton decides to open, still in Soresina, his own workshop, returning to the origins of his profession so abandoning the industrial production and returning to work as real craftsman upholsterer. Thanks to the contribution of certain valuable employees immediately hired by the company, also experts and enthusiastic upholsterers, the small workshop quickly roots itself in the Cremona territory, gaining the confidence of important local clients. Read more...


Realizations for showcases or
Recovery of old barrels



Via Leopardi, 6/A

26015 Soresina (CR)



Per visite presso la nostra sede è preferibile prendere appuntamento.

Tel. +39 0374 343688

Showroom a Singapore

PickJunction Experiential Space

72 Eunos Avenue 7, #04-02

Singapore 409570


For visits please contact Creativeans