Round sofa entirely made with authentic capitonné covering technique:


Study of capitonné proportions paying attention to the total round shape of the sofa:


Padding and covering tests in order to make proportional the capitonné dimensions between the seat front and the backrest top (round shape of the seat to be balanced with the round and sloping shape of the backrest):


Starting of leather covering phase for the backrest:


Covering in authentic capitonné technique:


Leather cover for the seat part:


Authentic capitonné on both the seat and the backrest:


Considering the total round shape of the sofa, the capitonné starts wide on the front of the seat, continues becoming narrower towards the center of the sofa, it links with the backrest and become even narrower towards the top of the backrest, due to both the smaller diameter and the sloping of the backrest:


Central "top" in plywood covered in leather:


Total development of the capitonné from the front of the seat to the top of the backrest: