Mattress mod. DORSOPEDIC SUPERIOR CLIMATIZZATO (non-removable cover).

Portanza MEDIA (medium support) with Adjusto-rest system (box-system springs) or portanza RIGIDA (firm support) with Adjusto-rest Plus system (box-system springs with higher support features). Perimetral anti-collapse supports on both versions.

Thick padding with double layer of white wool for the winter side and white cotton for the summer side.

Fabric cover in 100% cotton (version FN) or in stretch (version PS) in 50% cotton 25% polyamide 25% polyester with insert on the sides for mattress ventilation.

Handles and air-out accessories on both versions.

Height cm. 23 ca.

Also available in non-standard measures and with zip to join two single mattresses.


Version with PS fabric:


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