The padded beds and bed-sofas we manufacture (indicated here below with the logo GHIMENTON in their respective categories) are also made in a tailored way: the Customer can modify, according to personal needs, every measure of our models and can also change the design to suit personal preferences, can choose finishes and, of course, the fabric or other covering material. This level of customization, as well as the utmost care of the quality used in materials and workmanship, doesn't allow us to manufacture on a large scale and it is for this reason that we ask our Customers a certain waiting time to have the work done.

To complete our range of models and meet additional requirements in terms of technical solutions, design and finishes, we have added to our direct production proposals from industrial companies such as SIMMONS (regarding beds) and MILANO BEDDING (specializing in the production of bed-sofas).

Also for products from our commercial partners, the Customer has our free consultancy for the choice of the model and its size, as well as the choice of fabric, leather or other material from a wide range available at our showroom, which includes several prestigious Italian and international brands. All this in order to meet not only the best technical solutions and comfort requirements but also to grant a pleasant aesthetic result of the product in relation to its own specific location.

As artisan workshop, we can further enrich the level of customization of the products from our commercial partners, for example sewing fabric covers with finishes, applications and details that the original manufacturer cannot make due to its industrial production; or, also, coordinating accessories such as headboards, decorative cushions, bedspreads, plaids or other customized artifacts. This enables us to combine technical quality and reliable solutions of leading industrial manufacturers with a high level of customization typical, instead, of a tailor workshop.

A similar concept is for supports (slat frames, sommiers), mattresses, pillows and other accessories: in addition to high-quality industrial products made by a leading brand like SIMMONS, we also offer more flexible solutions that can be made with out-of-standard measures or custom made features.

Warranties and any maintenance remain in our care over time, assisting the Customer over the years, both in the case of our direct production or pieces made by our commercial partners.