Mattress mod. QUIETUDE FASCINATION ANALLERGICO (with removable cover).

Portanza MEDIA (medium support) with Beautyrest system (independent pocketed coil) or portanza RIGIDA (firm support) with Beautyrest Dorsopedic system (independent pocketed coil with higher support features). Perimetral anti-collapse supports on both versions.

Thick padding with double layer of hypoallergenic and elastic fibers on both sides

Fabric cover in 100% polyester stretch (MF) with insert on the sides for mattress ventilation. Removable cover with totally divisible zip on the 4 sides and washable in water at 60°.

Handles and air-out accessories on both versions.

Height cm. 23 ca.

Also available in non-standard measures.


Fabric MF:


Detail of the totally removable cover and washable in water at 60°:


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