Since 1979 SPRINGS manufactures mattresses for both normal beds and bed-sofas. The characteristic that makes this company standing out from other larger industrial companies, is the remarkable flexibility to customization, without losses in the quality of its products.

The SPRINGS mattresses cover all the main four categories: traditional springs systems ("Bonnel" springs), independent pocketed springs, latex, viscoelastic memory foam.
To each category belong mattresses with specific characteristics, each of them can be made in the hypoallergenic version with particular acar-free fabrics or with totally natural padding and cover fabrics. Each model can be made with removable cover and, depending on the fabric, even washable in water at 60°.

Here below we show some examples of SPRINGS mattresses. Where specified, some pieces are available as samples at our showroom, thus allowing Visitors to see and try the product in person.

For more information please free to contact us or visit the SPRINGS website: