In 1870 Mr. Zalmon Simmons made the first springs mattress. Since then SIMMONS became the worldwide leader for bedding with a distribution in over 100 Countries in all the five continents. Italian habits and preferences, however, are peculiar; therefore specific SIMMONS products have been created for the Italian market and are entirely made in Italy, starting from mattresses manufactured in a very wide range that can satisfy all individual comfort needs.

The several SIMMONS mattress models can be divided in these fundamental categories: Beautyrest e Deep Sleep lines made with springs, Natural Care line made in latex and Memored H.C. line made in viscoelastic memory foam.

The Beautyrest line has mattresses made with independent pocketed coils with several possibilities among the patented Beautyrest, Beautyrest Biactive and Beautyrest Dorsopedic systems.

The Deep Sleep line has mattresses with traditional springs systems, with medium support for the Adjusto-rest system and firm support for the Adjusto-rest Plus.

Mattresses of the Natural Care line are instead made in 100% latex with no additives (like for example gypsum powder) and with a structure divided in 7 different physiological zones. Some models are also available in the 100% natural latex version, thus with the maximum concentration of pure natural latex (taken from the bark of some sub-equatorial trees such as the Hevea Brasiliensis).

The Memored High Comfort line presents mattresses with layers of Memored H.C. viscoelastic memory foam on top combined with more firm polyurethane foams at the bottom, like Trycel: an ecological foam with very good technical performances.

To each group belong several mattress models, with different characteristics, different levels of rigidity and often with the possibility to remove the cover and wash it in water at 60°.

Here below we show some examples of SIMMONS mattresses. Where specified, some pieces are available as samples at our showroom, thus allowing the Customer to see and try the product in person.


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